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Our Services

Occupational Therapy


Mental Health

Our Occupational therapist will work with you to complete functional and cognitive assessments, to assist with providing recommendations, individualized therapy, and reporting.


ADL Retraining and Therapy

Our Occupational therapist will complete a functional assessment and create an individualised therapy plan, that will allow you to develop life skills and enable engagements in activities of daily living.


Assistive Technology and Equipment

Our Occupational Therapist will assess, identify, recommend, and prescribe assistive technology and equipment that enables and assists you to engage in your activities of daily living.


Cognitive Assessments and Interventions

Our Occupational Therapist will complete assessments and provide individualized interventions to support and educate participants, families, and carers.



Our Occupational Therapist will complete a comprehensive environmental assessment of your home and provide recommendations to enable independent living.



Our Occupational therapist will work with you to complete neurological, cognitive, and functional therapy. Our therapist will assess and create an individualized therapy plan that works for you.

Happy Children

Plan Management

Our Plan Manager is responsible for managing funds within your NDIS plan to ensure you stay within your budget. Our Plan Manager will work with you to progress toward your NDIS goals by understanding your lifestyle and enabling you to get the most out of your NDIS support.

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